Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf's Side of the Story...

Hunter Targosh                                                                                      Role: Big Bad Wolf
            My name is Big Bad Wolf. I have been accused of murder and attempted murder, however I am the victim in this case. I am the one that has nearly starved and was manipulated by White Wolf. The true story of the three little pigs has yet to be told.
            This story begins in late winter. I was nearly starving because there was no food to be found. I was so desperate to find food, that I would do anything for it. I had no shelter and was freezing, also. My family had no food or shelter, either.
            Then, the leader of the Anti-Pig Organization, White Wolf, offered me a job. Everyone knows of White Wolf because he used to be the mayor of this town, but lost in the second election to a pig. After that, he hated all pigs. He formed the Anti-Pig Organization, a group of wolfs only. There was an Anti-Wolf Organization formed by a group of pigs, shortly after. The three little pigs were an important part of this organization and White Wolf wanted them to “disappear.” 
            He said that if I were to get rid of the pigs, he would make sure me and my whole family had food for the next winter. I signed a contract he gave me that stated that he would give my family food for the next winter. I did not want to hurt the pigs. So I figured that I would just scare them and get them to move out of town. White wolf told me where each of them lived.
            The next day, I went to the first little pigs house. I did not go in to house because he would not let me enter. I told him to leave town because a tornado was coming. He didn’t leave and then a moment later a tornado came. I hid in a nearby cave, but the pig’s house of straw blew away, and so did the pig. I did not eat him! He was taken away by a tornado and there was nothing I could do to help him, but my job was done. The first little pig was out of town. I heard another tornado was heading in the direction of the second little pig, so I thought the same situation might occur to the second little pig. I was outside of his house, and he did not let me in, either. The tornado came by and there was a hole in the ground that I could hide in. The house of sticks and the second little pig was taken away by the wind, again. I felt bad that they were taken away, but the frequent tornadoes actually occurred as you can see them on a weather map.  It is impossible for me to blow the houses away as I was accused of doing so. The tornadoes seemed to be gone, so I went to the house of the third and last little pig. This little pig was different. His house was made of brick. I asked if I could come in and he said no, as the other pigs did. So, I invited to go to pick vegetables with me so I could talk to him about leaving town. He agreed to go, and agreed to meet me at his house at six in the morning.  
            I went there the following morning and he already had picked vegetables! This ruined my plan. I turned around to go home, but I saw another tornado coming in my direction. There was no place for me to hide except for in the pig’s house, and I panicked. I jumped down his chimney, and was in the chimney just long enough for the tornado pass, but then I fell in to the fire at the bottom of the chimney. I jumped out and ran because my feet were on fire. I was met by police outside of the pig’s house, because the third little pig accused me of the murder of his brothers.
            I am innocent of all charges, and I am a victim of White Wolf because he set me up to this situation. I only accepted a job from White Wolf because of survival. I was forced in to this situation, and I have done nothing illegal.

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